Every Monobook theme needs a header and footer to fully function properly.

The header Edit

Nayru Wiki header
The header of the page consists of only the very top of the page containing the user's username and personal links. While a common misconception, the pagetabs of an article are not featured in the header, rather their own section. However, it could still be considered part of 'the header.' Through css, one can move their search bar into the area between the personal links and content area.

Customizing the header Edit

Since the header's background is selected by the actual body of the page, the only real customization within the header is the text. A basic layout of what text customization is needed can be found below:

#p-personal li a{ color:#<colorhex>; font-weight: bold !important; }
#p-personal li a:hover {
	color:#<colorhex>; font-weight: bold !important;

The footer Edit

Last Level footer

The Monobook skin's footer features a box below the content area that contains information about Wikia's licensing. Customizing this area is similar to that of customizing the content area of the theme and usually remains to be similarly, cosmetically designed.

Customizing the footer Edit

The basic footer layout, as mentioned above, is similar to that of the content. Meaning, it is customized in the same way. A basic layout of what a footer's customization is found below:

#footer {
        background-color: #<colorhex>;
	border-bottom:2px solid #<colorhex>;
	border-top:2px solid #<colorhex>;
	color: #<colorhex>;

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