Marriland Wiki is a welcoming community to anyone interested in not only the Pokémon series, but anyone interested in joining out community. However, we have rules and policies.

Wiki guidelines Edit

  • Marriland Wiki may offer users a chance at a user profile, however, we are not a social network. Users adding content to their user page should follow guidelines and rulings stated in our userspace policy.
  • If the article is smaller than 300 bytes, please put stub template on the article.
  • Tag articles for deletion if you feel that article is unneeded.
  • Edit articles with correct information.
  • Create an account before editing if you do not already have an account.
  • No fan art allowed unless, per the image policy, it is used solely for userspace purposes.
  • Do not directly copy content from any Pokémon encyclopedia or anywhere else without sourcing the information.
  • Please use appropriate language in article content, talk pages, edit summaries, etc.
  • No edit warring, flaming other users, user harassment, etc.
  • Please sign all messages with four of these ~~~~.
  • If a message is unsigned, add the {{Unsigned}} template to the message.

A note from Curse Edit

For all users and readers, please visit Curse's General disclaimer regarding copyright and usage of the wiki's content.

Marriland Wiki policy listing Edit

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