MediaWiki:Chat-you-were-kicked – Your Pokémon were fainted by $1
MediaWiki:Chat-you-were-banned – You have been banned by $1.
MediaWiki:Chat-you-are-banned-text – Sorry, you have been banned from using chat on this wiki. If you have an issue or think this ban was unjust, please, contact a local Admin or chat mod.
MediaWiki:Chat-you-are-banned – Permissions error.
MediaWiki:Chat-user-was-kicked – Trainer $1 fled the battle.
MediaWiki:Chat-whos-here – Who's here ($1)
MediaWiki:Chat-user-was-unbanned – $2 restored trainer $1's Pokémon.
MediaWiki:Chat-welcome-message – Welcome to the $1 chat. Please make sure you read over out 25-edit requirement and our Chat policy.
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-ban – Hyper beam
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-contribs – Trainer ID card
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-give-chat-mod – Give a badge
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-kick – Tackle
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private – One-on-one battle
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private-allow – Allow battles
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private-block – Block battles
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-private-close – End battle
MediaWiki:Chat-user-menu-talk-page – Talk page

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