I am unaware of any discussions that have already taken place on this matter, but, as a Video Game Wiki admin, I thought I should begin a discussion on what will actually be merged. At any rate, I thought I might as well mention some things I would like to see come out of this merge. Please make note that these are not necessarily demands nor are they something we have to do – just something I thought could better-handle the wiki's current status and indefinite prospects. I am going to say first that upon merging, the Wikia Gaming should have an actual [Monobook skin. Yes, there is the Wikipedia-based one, but I see that as a pretty unoriginal move, that increases the blandness of articles. Secondly, I suggest another administrator to be added with the merge. I would suggest making Jazzi the only new administrator, and the others merely rollback users, though, just to reiterate, this is your choice to make. In addition, I am unsure if the content of Video Game Wiki's articles outweighs that of certain articles here, though, because this is a merge, I would suggest adding in at least some of the content from Video Game Wiki – mostly being the higher quality articles, images, possible policy changes, et cetera. As I have stated already, I do not know if it has already been discussed as to what will go here, but at least I put in some actual input rather than my previous comment above. : P — Wattz2000 12:28, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

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