Hello, I'm Wattz2000! I have edited several wikis since joining Wikia in January of 2011. If I've visted wiki, that could mean one of several things such as helping a user with a question they had asked in Community Central's chat or fixing up a Monobook theme for the wiki. A list of my most-frequented wikis can be found below.

Contact: talkpage/message wall · IRC (Wattz2000 • @wikia/Wattz2000) · Email · Skype

General information
Birth date
June 21, 1995
Wikia information
total edits
Date joined
March 17, 2011

Around MarioWiki Edit

Hi, I'm Wattz2000, an admin of several Wikia wikis. I joined Wikia in late January of 2011, and since then, I have become quite accustomed to wiki syntax and css. Here, at MarioWiki, I primarily work around adding categories and licensing files uploaded to the wiki.

I am an Administrator here as well, meaning I have rights to protect pages, delete, pages, rename files, block users, et cetera. If you have an issue with a policy, page, user, et cetera on the wiki, please tell me on my talk page and I will get to it as soon as I can.

Current Projects Edit

As of right now, I have engaged in working on one major project. As of May 13, I have been working on licensing and categorized the images, starting with those first listed in Special:AllPages's first page. My goal is to complete a page each day for the next 14+ days until I get to all (or at least around 98% or so) of these images.

After completion of this image project, I have plans to continue my work on the uncompleted level project starting with Super Mario 3D Land.

Don't feel as if these projects are only bound to be done by certain users. Please, help MarioWiki by partaking in any of these aforementioned projects.

Other interests Edit

Gaming Edit

For a list of games I own, see w:c:video-game:User:Wattz2000#My List

Though, I spend several hours of my day behind a computer and am almost constantly observing my "home" wikis, I do partake is other hobbies. Like several other users here, I am a kind of gamer. I have several gaming consoles including:


Nintendo Entertainment System · Super Nintendo Entertainment System · Nintendo 64 · Nintendo GameCube · Nintendo Wii · Nintendo Game Boy · Game Boy Pocket · Game Boy Advance · Game Boy SP · Nintendo DS · Nintendo DS Lite · Nintendo DS · Nitnendo DSi · Nintendo 3DS


Sega Genesis · Sega Dreamcast · Sega Game Gear


PlayStation · PlayStation 2


Xbox 360

Music Edit

I never found much interest in modern musical styles, and I feel uncomfortable around the louder, less rhythmical "rock 'n' roll" type music. If I'm not listening to the scores of my favorite games, (score wise: Professor Layton, Golden Sun, The Legend of Zelda, among several others) I can be usually found listening to the classical styles of big band and vocal jazz.

I listen to several artists in the field of traditional pop such as Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart (his "Great American Songbook" series), Dean Martin, and Mel Tormé among several others. Though, that makes up the majority of music I listen to, I sometimes enjoy listening to some classic rock as well.

Other wikis Edit

Here is a little bio on the other wikis I edit at:

The Professor Layton Wiki, as the name suggests, is a wiki based on the Professor Layton series. In addition, Layton Wiki is my first wiki and since my first visit, I have indefinitely helped make the wiki grow into the welcoming community it is today.

It's a conspiracy.

I adopted Frank Sinatra Wiki back in late 2011, and have since brought the place up and running into a large hub of Frank Sinatra information.

Have a wiki, but not a Monobook theme? Well, the Monobook Wiki team is here to help – just look at our Portfolio.

Being an encyclopedia about the world of gaming as a whole, there are a lot of things that are to be done, here. Regardless, we try our best to give professional content and well-structured articles. At the moment, we are in a merge with Encyclopedia Gamia.

Probably the smallest wiki I frequent, the Nat King Cole Wiki has a lot of room to eventually grow into a larger and actually functioning community. However, I seem to not have the time to work with it as of late.

The Michael Bublé Wiki, along with the Nat King Cole, was somewhat a "flop" as well. That doesn't necessarily mean it can't be anything in the future, but more so of "I can't really find anything to do there" at the moment.

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